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ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

daniel-brun-ace.jpgIt might be your first time or you might have attended multiple times. You may know everything there is to know about Hadoop, SQL and R – or you may be a bit lost on what I just said. No matter who you are, what role you have in your organization, or how far along you are on your data adventure, Alteryx Inspire Europe 2017 has something to offer you. Why? Well…


  • IDEAS. Inspire Europe 2017 is THE place to find new ways to use well known Alteryx tools and discover new ones. You’ll meet people with different backgrounds who have varied use cases and perspectives on Alteryx - I personally come with the technical approach, but every Inspire Europe attendee will have a different experience, and it’s great to hear different ideas and learn from everyone.


  • NETWORKING. You will meet new friends and say hi to old ones; and you absolutely will hear great stories and should plan to share your own. One of my favourite aspects of Inspire is getting home from the conference and thinking about all the new great people I met.


  • SHARING. Perhaps you’ve heard the line: ‘sharing is caring’. It’s certainly true with Alteryx! Did you just discover something amazing in the product? Have you seen a new macro that made your life so much easier? Share the enthusiasm here! If you share and Inspire NOW, I bet you will get it back tenfold.


  • PROBLEM-SOLVING. Inspire Europe will offer tons of sessions that will inspire you and help you to solve your next problem. You’ll also be able to visit the Solution Centre, where an Alteryx expert will help you solve your question or issue. Finally, you could just stop a stranger and see if he/she has had the same issue and solved it.


  • INSPIRING COMMUNITY. Alteryx is so much more than just a product. It is a platform, and one of the most important factors is the great community. I have never worked with a product where so many people are willing to help.


  • REAL WORLD. Sometimes it’s good to get out of the computer and into real use cases. The Data Analyst and Business Leader tracks will give you the opportunity to learn about even more use cases for Alteryx and improve your company’s ROI.


  • ENDLESS FUN. The reason we all love Alteryx: it transforms you into a data superhero! Watch the Grand Prix, join the Opening Reception party, play Plinko at the Community hub, and meet great people at the conference.


So these are the reasons why I keep coming back to Inspire and why I know I will continue to attend. Get details here, register now, and come say hi at Inspire Europe 2017 in London 12-13 September! We’ll be building Icons of Analytics.