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To start the new decade, we’re bringing you our best year of solving yet. Our latest release, 2020.1, already checks off some of our new year’s resolutions and will have you conquering your biggest analytics problems in new ways. Included in this release are updates to your favorite tools, new language additions, and more effective ways to collaborate with your team.


We know that what makes you better at solving with Alteryx is not just brand new features but also improvements to existing ones that you frequently use. We’ve listened to your feedback and, with 2020.1, you’ll find that many of your product suggestions posted on Community were taken into consideration as we re.solved to take the thrill of solving to a whole new level. Read on to learn more about what we’ve been innovating behind the scenes here at Alteryx:

Know Your Dataset Inside and Out with Holistic Profiling 

How long does it take to really get to know your dataset, identify outliers, or make inferences about how one column may be related to another? The answer in 2020.1: lightning speed. Every time you drag a Browse Tool onto the canvas, you’ll instantly experience a 360° view of your data with new Holistic Data Profiling. Once you begin solving with this update, the way you understand and interpret your data will never be the same. You’ll see every profile of your data at a high level in a single view. You’ll also make faster decisions and inferences from the overall profile to get a complete picture of what your data is telling you. To dive deeper and learn more about the shape of any column within your dataset, simply click on that section within the profile pane and drill down to a specific insight before continuing with your analysis. Read more about this groundbreaking way to learn what story your data tells and the impact it can have in a blog coming soon to Community.


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Designer Resolutions You Won’t Want to Miss

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Read about some of our most recent updates to Designer that will allow you to navigate your analytics faster.


Add Specific Cells from a Spreadsheet as your Input

If you are using a spreadsheet, avoid data cleanup and hit the ground running by selecting a range of cell rows and columns as the input to your workflow. If your  spreadsheet has outdated or unnecessary information as your Input Data, and you would like to bring in only a select group of cells, rows, or columns, you now can bring in just this section.


If you’re used to being prompted to exit the Excel file you’re bringing in, easily hit the new “Refresh” button after closing out of the document without having to exit out of the window you are working in to start over.


Lastly, when saving your output back to Excel, your cell formatting, like cell color or width, will now remain the same - to keep your desired formatting, simply check the ‘Preserve Formatting on Overwrite (Range Require)’ option in the Output Data tool and be in the ‘Overwrite Sheet or Range’ mode. 


Work Faster With Caching Shortcuts

We aim to make your workflows work smarter, not harder, with every quarterly release. As an example, having “disable all tools that write output” checked no longer prevents your workflow from caching. We also made improvements to the speed of running your workflow when re-caching.

Unifying the World Through Analytics

As organizations continue down the path of becoming increasingly global, we’re here to support you with features that break down silos and bring together your team regardless of where you live or what language you speak. Start solving with these features in 2020.1 and be sure to check out the Community article on these updates within the next few weeks.


One Designer. Eight Languages.

You heard that right! Coming to you in 2020.1 is our new language toggle in Designer. This means that installing Alteryx once will automatically include eight supported languages so that you can easily toggle back and forth from one language to another — built for those of you who collaborate with anyone who might prefer solving in their native language. You can share workflows over screen share or give a presentation in a localized version of their analytics platform without the hassle of re-installing.


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In addition to being able to go from solving in one language to another within seconds, you can now opt to organize your tools in alphabetical order according to your native language, or continue solving in your native language while the order of tools in each tool palette remain in the English alphabetical order. No need to relearn where tools sit; just let your muscle memory kick in.


Simplified Chinese in the Year of the Rat

We’re starting this New Year (and Chinese year of the rat) off with a language we’ve been eager to share with you, Simplified Chinese! Over 1.2 billion people worldwide speak this language, which is why it’s important to us that this population enjoys Alteryx to its fullest. Get started solving in Simplified Chinese today, and spread the word to all native speakers you know!



Get Connected to Your Assets

Solve faster and discover new ways to navigate Connect that will help you stay organized and easily find your assets in 2020.1.

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Folders for Filtered Views

We’re introducing new Virtual Folders to Connect. Your Virtual Folders will contain saved custom queries so that assets that are classified by specific criteria (like how assets are tagged) are automatically added to your folders without you having to lift a finger. You’ll spend less time filtering through thousands of assets, and your folders will update dynamically with a list of objects that meet that criteria. You can also change permissions so that the right audience has access to these Virtual Folders!


New Power BI on Premise Loader

We are revealing the new Power BI on Premise Loader in 2020.1 to replace the SQL Server Reporting Services. This Metadata Loader will scrape Power BI on premise to give you information about all your Power BI reports and other analytic assets and load these details into your data catalog in Connect.


See Your Collections in Connect

We’ve brought Collections that were previously only visible in Server to Connect so that you can extend your understanding of how assets are organized in your Server.



Simplified User Management with Server

Accomplish more with fewer clicks with these new Server updates. Listen up IT members because you’re about to get hours back in your day with 2020.1.Release Blog Image 5.PNG


New and Improved Management of Roles

Check to-do's off your list faster by being able to modify all roles in a consolidated grid layout for simplified user management. You now have an option to make changes to permissions for entire groups of users at a time, and you can access their profile and settings all in one place.


On Cloud 9 with Mongo Atlas

Start the new year off on the right foot by migrating to a cloud database with Alteryx Server. You will now be able to use Mongo Atlas to support your company’s strategy, as well as SSL/TLS connections to allow for higher security for on-prem databases. As more and more companies continue to move to the cloud, this will give you more options on how you’d like to house your information on Server.



Streamline Big Data with Snowflake and Alteryx in our Beta

Do you frequently transfer big data to Snowflake after analyzing it in Alteryx? In 2020.1, we streamlined and optimized the bulk loading of data from Alteryx to Snowflake so that getting your data where it needs to be is now faster and less costly. By leveraging these efficiencies, your organization can access data in the warehouse conveniently and in a timely manner. Check out our Beta Program to take this new addition for a spin!


Upgrade to 2020.1 Today

Here’s to a thrilling decade filled with innovation and passion for solving together. Do you have any resolutions of your own for solving with Alteryx this year? Tell us in the comments below!


Read more about each of these features in our Technical Documentation and tell us what you think about new additions coming soon through our Beta program. To check out if one of your ideas on Community has been implemented, see our list of user ideas we put into action. It’s important to us to constantly refine our products each release, so be sure to also review the improvements we’ve made during this quarter. 


Are you a new Alteryx user? To experience these new features that will take your analytics to the next level, install 2020.1 today! If you’ve been hearing great things about us, it’s time to put your biggest data-related questions to the test. Download our free two-week Alteryx Designer trial and start solving today.