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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

I’m proud to announce that today we’re continuing the innovation we’ve shown in delivering the leading platform for self-service data analytics with a new release that enables analysts of all skill levels to uncover insights – from descriptive to predictive to prescriptive analytics – using a code-free, intuitive interface.


This release empowers analysts to perform prescriptive analytics with new simulation and optimization analysis capabilities.  Simulation analysis enables analysts to quickly evaluate “what-if” alternatives and deliver prescriptive insights, while optimization analysis enables analysts to discover the best course of action to achieve strategic, tactical, and operational efficiencies.


For analysts looking to expand their predictive palate with Alteryx, new predictive tools such as Time Series Model Factory, Time Series Forecast Factory, and more have been added to the Predictive District in Alteryx Analytics Gallery.


New predictive tools such as Time Series Model Factory, Time Series Forecast Factory, and more


For analysts who are interested in deeper insights and getting started with predictive analytics, the new Predictive Starter Kit provides an interactive, guided experience that will teach analysts the fundamentals of building key predictive models for techniques such as A/B testing, linear regression, and logistic regression.

A foundational component for predictive analytics is being able to access, cleanse, blend, and scale data from any and all relevant data sources. This new release of Alteryx Analytics includes in-database blending for Databricks, as well as in-database predictive analytics for Teradata, allowing analysts to harness the power of even more big data sources.


As Alteryx continues to support the growing ecosystem of visual analytics, we are introducing a new Salesforce Wave output connector to help analysts fully maximize their organization’s investment in Salesforce. The newly available Starter Kit for Salesforce provides analysts with workflow tutorials to quickly consume Salesforce data, blend it with other data sources, and then output the results into Salesforce Wave for visualization and further exploration.


Self-service data analytics drives value for organizations of all sizes, and we’ve made scaling Alteryx Analytics across the organization easier with new automated sample scripts for deploying and configuring Alteryx Server.


We welcome our existing customers to read the release notes for a complete list of all enhancements, and to download the new release of Alteryx Analytics.


For those of you who have yet to experience Alteryx, we encourage you to download and try a free 14-day trial of Alteryx Designer and experience self-service data analytics for yourself.