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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

The Alteryx Product team is excited to release the Q4 2018 Location Insights and Business Insights Data Sets packages.


These products are being delivered on a quarterly basis for a decade and give users the ability to plot customer addresses on a detailed street map display, enrich these points and trade area boundaries with detailed demographics, consumer segmentation information, and behavior variables to influence key location and business decisions.  These data sets were traditionally labeled as ‘Spatial product’ and ‘Data product’.  Beginning with this Q4 2018 release, we’ve re-branded these as “Location Insights” and “Business Insights” data products respectively to better reflect the general use cases they’re delivering to users.  For more information, please visit the product page or download a brief data sheet.


Many software vendors today are delivering this type data, what makes these particular data sets from Alteryx unique?


Here are 7 quick steps to achieving the most value from these products:


  • Locate customers down to the rooftop.




  • Display your data on a cartographically-rich, street map or an aerial imagery map








  • Create Drive-time and Trade-area polygons to understand whether your business is reaching your existing customers and expand your business in underserved or high potential markets.




  • Enrich your data with base and forecasted demographics information to best cater to the needs of your customers



  • Expand your product offerings by considering important customer behavior and segmentation patterns in your markets.


  • Analyze your customer and business locations using the included Alteryx Designer Spatial tools to get more insights from your data.




  • Export the output of your enrichment and analysis into common geo-spatial formats to make compelling maps that can be shared with others in your organization.



The value isn’t solely in the data sets that Alteryx is building using the Experian, TomTom, Dun & Bradstreet data vendors; however, it lies in the Alteryx capabilities to enrich and analyze your data with these data sets and spatial capabilities that help your business derive the location & business insights.