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Alteryx is pleased to announce new self-service and enterprise-grade capabilities to its Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform to help customers make faster and more intelligent decisions across the enterprise.


Organizations are modernizing their data and analytics architectures to the cloud. Gartner predicts that more than 85% of organizations will embrace a cloud-first principle by 2025 and will not be able to fully execute on their digital strategies without the use of cloud-native architectures and technologies.


Self-Service Cloud Analytics Platform Designed for All Employees  


Alteryx continues to evolve to meet these trends. The enhanced Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop modern interface accessible to employees of all skill levels, without compromising data governance or security.

These innovations come at a crucial time as Alteryx’s global 2023 State of Cloud Analytics Report found that cloud analytics will be an enterprise imperative for thriving in 2023. Four out of five respondents expect cloud analytics to have a positive impact during economic uncertainty, and nearly 90 percent agreed cloud analytics have helped them be more profitable.  The Alteryx Analytics Cloud allows all employees to participate in the analytics and decision intelligence process regardless of job role, skill level, or department. There are several enhancements to the Alteryx Analytics Cloud including:


  • The new, reimagined Alteryx Designer Cloud interface enables modern data workers to profile, prepare, and pipeline their data interactively and collaboratively. More than 30 new prep, blend, analysis, and automation tools for intelligent decision-making are available in the all-access release. Organizations will save time, money, and resources by quickly scaling up and down with new, in-database pushdown processing.



  • Alteryx Designer Cloud also adds functionality for Reporting. Analysts and data engineers will be able to build interactive reports with a click of a button and share insights with decision-makers.


  • Preparing and cleaning data is only the first step, insights are what enable intelligent decision-making. Alteryx Auto Insights is revolutionizing how businesses make decisions by leveraging machine learning capabilities to surface explanatory values and key drivers. The newest feature released in Alteryx Auto Insights, Common Causes, allows every business user to easily analyze and discover the root cause of complex issues.


AAI (1).gif


  • Analysts in finance, human resources, and marketing can make faster and better forecasts using Alteryx Machine Learning’s new time series capabilities. It automatically detects time series data, interprets trends and seasonality, and allows users to compare models to pick the most accurate forecast.



  • Platform services made for the cloud such as Alteryx Metrics Store: Alteryx Metrics Store creates, customizes, and shares a catalog of standardized business metrics and KPIs consumable by any BI tool or application. Business leaders access a trusted, centralized view of consistent enterprise KPIs in Alteryx Metrics Store to improve decisions. 


Enterprise Grade Security and Governance  


When discussing cloud with our customers, security is always one of the first topics of conversation. We’re excited to announce the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform has obtained ISO 27001 certification. Additionally, Alteryx Designer Cloud and Alteryx Machine Learning have attained SOC2 Type II certification.


The highly scalable, extensible, and open enterprise-grade platform now includes expanded flexibility for private data handling, which gives customers additional controls and confidence over where to store and process their data.  Alteryx is committed to automating analytics at scale to enable intelligent decisions across the enterprise and we’re continuing to innovate and add new features to the Alteryx Analytics Cloud that drive value for our customers.


More to Come 


This year, Alteryx is kicking off a global roadshow to bring Alteryx Analytics Cloud to you. This event series will feature customers, partners, community members, and Alteryx executives.


Visit the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform webpage to learn more and see a guided product tourCheck back frequently as more exciting news is in store.