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As you may have heard Inspire 2014 was an incredible event with over 550 people making the trip to San Diego to attend. One of the biggest announcements we made at Inspire was the introduction of the Alteryx Analytics Certified Expert (ACE) program. This program is intended to honor the best and most excited Alteryx users around the world, by providing them with an elite status (who wouldn’t want to be an ACE?) and platform to share their Alteryx product expertise with others.

The most frequent question that we have been asked over the past two weeks: “How do I / my customer / my friend / my employee become an ACE?” To be honest, being asked this question really makes me happy as it shows the respect and admiration the first ACEs have - as so many are interested in this new program and asking questions about how they can be involved. 


Just How Are ACEs Chosen?

The selection process was tough but relatively simple. We sought nominations from the various technical and user facing associates here at Alteryx. We were looking for users who:


  • Are experts in the product
  • Provide us with detailed feedback that we can take action on
  • Are active in the Alteryx and wider analyst community.


This last piece is incredibly important and includes contributing to the Alteryx community, attending or arranging users groups, speaking about their use of Alteryx, writing blogs and engaging in social media discussions on Twitter (#Alteryx),as well as other social platforms. We then took the best-of-the-best from the nominations and officially made them ACEs.


This process led us to the first ACEs who include predictive modelers, GIS experts, and customer analytics consultants from a broad range of industries.


So, How Can You Become an ACE?

We intend to expand the program by adding another three to five ACEs this year - with the next round to be named in the Fall .  If you want to become an ACE, the criteria for being included in next round will be the same as before:


  • Are you recognized by Alteryx associates and other users as an expert in using Alteryx?
  • Are you active in our community, social media, user groups, or your own blog?
  • Do you provide meaningful feedback in our development process for example involvement in our Beta programs?
  • Are you willing to be an evangelist for Alteryx?


If you want to be an Alteryx ACE, use the list above as your starting point, let your Alteryx contact know you are interested, and you never know, you too could be an Alteryx ACE this year.