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i2018-jane-headshot-230x230.jpg"Unstick your mind of what is possible by actively looking for evidence that something can be different" – Jane McGonigal, PhD.


We are thrilled to announce our keynote speaker for Inspire 2018! World-renowned alternate reality game designer and New York Times bestselling author of Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World Jane McGonigal, PhD. will take the main stage at Inspire, discussing her research in human behavior and gaming – and how this research can help you disrupt the status quo.


Jane is dominating the gaming space creating experiences designed to improve real lives and solve real problems. As a futurist, she is also fascinated by how our perceptions of the present (and the past) can shape the future, in both predictable and unpredictable ways. She is like so many of you who are using Alteryx to leverage data to help make smarter business decisions and insights allowing you to predict what is going to happen next.


This year's Inspire 2018 Keynote speaker is the inventor and co-founder of SuperBetter, a game that has helped nearly half a million players tackle real-life health challenges, such as depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and traumatic brain injury.


Since the theme for Inspire 2018 is Alter.Everything, we know Jane's unique perspective on technology and how to use technology to make a positive impact IRL (in real life) will resonate with attendees. Rather than tackle the same problems the same way every time – or leave ‘unsolvable' problems untouched – why not look at them from a new perspective? We know this is how our users are tackling problems with our platform and we are excited to bring on another dynamic voice with the same kind of game-changing mindset. Who knows what doors you'll unlock, what super powers you'll gain, or what level you'll level-up to?


We hope Jane's groundbreaking work sounds as interesting to you as it does to us, and would love for you to join us in Anaheim!  Also check out our latest agenda updates to see our amazing customer line up, Alteryx guru presenters in the Tech Track, new, interactive Community sessions, and our popular ACE Track.  There is so much to choose from! Join us and 36 customer analysts, data scientists, business leaders and IT who are altering everything in analytics for the better. Ready to Alter.Everything at Inspire 2018? We are!


See you in Anaheim!