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In less than a month, some of the brightest minds in analytics will descend on London. If you haven't registered yet, what are you waiting for? Check out conference details, and register now for Inspire Europe.


 joe_lipski-370.jpgTo help get you excited for two iconic days of learning, we held a Q&A session with Alteryx ACE, Joe Lipski. If you don't know much about Alteryx ACEs or the ACE program, ACEs are our very own Icons of Analytics - a talented group of data analysts and consultants, from small boutique analytics shops to some of the largest multi-national organizations in the world, and they are all very passionate about data and sharing their knowledge and expertise with the Alteryx community. Some of them will be in London, so keep your eyes open for them and introduce yourself.


A big thank you to Joe for taking the time to answer my questions – @Joe_Lipski, you’re iconic!


What’s your single favorite reason to attend Alteryx Inspire Europe?

That’s easy! My absolute favourite reason for attending Inspire Europe is to be in the same place with hundreds of incredibly passionate data and analytics people! I cannot wait until September.


Can you share 3 reasons you would recommend a new Alteryx customer attend Inspire Europe?

Sure! Three reasons a new customer should attend Inspire Europe are:

  • Opportunities for learning: There are endless ways to learn at Inspire, and you can pick up an amazing array of new skills, techniques and tips
  • You’ll have the chance to get your unanswered Alteryx questions answered in the Solutions Centre by product engineers, Alteryx ACEs and Alteryx partners. Bring your Alteryx challenges, ideas for improvements or praises to the Solutions Centre and tell/ask the people who build this amazing software tool
  • The atmosphere at Inspire is full of energy, and in particular, the fun of the Alteryx Grand Prix, where you will have the opportunity to watch some of the best Alteryx users compete for the title of 2017 Inspire Europe Grand Prix Champion! 

What’s your funniest memory of an Inspire conference you’ve attended?
My funniest (actually cringiest) memory of an Inspire conference has to be from the first Inspire that I attended in San Diego when I became an Alteryx ACE. I’m not sure whose idea it was and I’m hoping the video doesn’t exist anymore, but I danced on stage with Dean Stoecker (Alteryx co-founder and CEO) to Pharrell’s hit song “Happy”, throwing t-shirts into the audience. Who says conferences are boring!! Inspire most definitely is not!


What Icon of Analytics have you met at an Inspire conference? What happened during the meeting?
I have met so many Icons of Analytics at Inspire conferences over the past few years, and many of them have become good friends and fellow ACEs. Five Icons that I know will be at Inspire Europe 2017 who I 100% recommend you say hello to in September are: Daniel Brun (@danielbrun2), Chris Love (@chris_love), James Dunkerley (@jdunkerley79), Mark Frisch (@MarqueeCrew) and Adam Riley (@AdamR_AYX)! These guys do more for the Alteryx Community than most and have developed so many free open-source macros that I use every day! Go to www.chaosreignswithin.com to download them, and don’t miss the chance to meet these Icons in person in London.


How can an Inspire Europe attendee best allocate their time at the conference?
This is such a tricky question, as there is so much to fit in! I suggest you make you way to the partner booths early on and learn what they may have to offer you, such as consulting skills, plug-ins, additional datasets, etc. If it’s your first time at an Inspire conference, be sure to plan a good mix of sessions: customer speakers, Alteryx technical sessions and product training.


What Data Analyst or Business Leader sessions caught your eye for Inspire Europe 2017?
I’ve been working closely with Wasim Yaqoob and his team at Wolseley, so I can’t wait to hear him share some of his use cases, time savings, and tips and tricks and I’m always excited for the keynotes and product road-map sessions to hear what the amazing development team have in-store for the coming product releases.


How do you recommend someone keep up-to-date on what’s happening at Inspire Europe?
My favourites are to get involved in conversations on the community and on Twitter. The amazing Alteryx Community is the best place to keep up to date with events, webinars, and most importantly, join your local User Group where you can more frequently meet and learn from other users. Also, make sure you download the Alteryx Inspire Europe mobile app which means you have everything on hand.


What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about London?
I’ve lived in London all my life and it’s my favourite place in the world, so I could go on forever! I’ll keep it short and sweet and go with the incredible diverse range of food and restaurant choices. I’m spoiled with the amount of choices on my doorstep. And my least favourite, I’m not sure I have one…maybe the weather. Let’s hope there’s no rain during Inspire!


What recommendations do you have for someone who would like to become an Alteryx ACE?
Become active on the Alteryx Community. I believe the best way of learning Alteryx is helping solve others’ problems, as it enables you to step outside of your comfort zone and tackle problems that you wouldn’t come across in your day-to-day Alteryx work.


If you haven't registered for Inspire Europe 2017, there is still time. If you ARE registered, be sure to keep track of all things Inspire Europe in our Inspire Europe 2017 | Buzz page on the Alteryx Community.


See you in London!