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Inspire Grand PrixPlanning for the annual Alteryx Grand Prix is in full swing and competitors are lining up for the chance to shred the competition on the main stage at Inspire 2016, which kicks off Monday, June 6th in San Diego. The Alteryx Grand Prix pits five Alteryx users against each other in an analytics competition that requires speed and precision. If you haven’t witnessed a Grand Prix before, you can read some behind-the-scenes details from my colleague, Scott Jones, the official Grand Prix MC.


As the legend of the Alteryx Grand Prix swells, so have the number of users who wish to participate. This year, to help pare down the number of participants, Alteryx user groups were tasked with nominating a representative to participate in an Alteryx sponsored qualifying round. Across all user groups, over 50 people sought an opportunity to participate which led to nominations from the following user groups. Companies represented include the automotive, consulting, financial services, healthcare, real estate and retail industries.



Orange County





Dallas/Fort Worth

Portland, OR



Greater Michigan



Twin Cities


United Kingdom

 New York City




These 17 nominees participated in a qualifying event that was held on April 29th. During the qualifying event, drivers demonstrated their skills in a race that is comparable to the main event and aimed at determining the final five drivers who will participate in the live Grand Prix at Inspire. Drivers were asked to solve a wide range of data analytics challenges like:


  • Reshaping survey data for visualization
  • Parsing web service data
  • Predicting revenue for a grocery chain
  • Performing spatial analysis to define trade areas


The five finalists will be announced next week, so be sure to stay tuned for that when the competition begins to heat up. The drivers are already preparing for their victory laps, which could include:


  • Involving "some sick burnouts involving copious amounts of rubber smoke from my sneakers"
  • "Riding a collective pod of dolphins into the San Diego harbor", and, of course,
  • "Going to Disneyland!"


Don’t miss the Grand Prix fun, and everything else Inspire has to offer, including 20-plus customer-led sessions, product training, the Alteryx technology track, the Solutions Center, and more! Register now and join us at Inspire 2016!

Jimmy Garrett
Sales Engineer

Jimmy Garrett is manager on the Sales Engineering team at Alteryx and has been with the company for over 10 years.

Jimmy Garrett is manager on the Sales Engineering team at Alteryx and has been with the company for over 10 years.