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Inspire 2016Alteryx Inspire 2016 is upon us, and most of you are well on your way to building your session schedules, booking hotel rooms, and arranging travel. If you’re not, what are you waiting for?!? Make sure to register before it’s too late!


For those of you who are registered, you may be debating which sessions to sign up for and how to balance all of the great content available at Inspire. We have a few tips for you regarding the Alteryx Technology Track. There are core sessions – Tips and Tricks I and II, Best Practices for Data Blending, etc. – that most users attend, but there are others designed to help you dive into Alteryx Analytics in new ways, strengthen your skill set, and understand the new features that have been released.  Make sure to register for these not-to-be-missed sessions before they fill up:


Tricks and tools for working with nontraditional data sources


  • How to Process and Visualize Cloud Data – Cloud data sources are on the rise and present themselves in a variety of ways, from big cloud data warehouses, to simple cloud-based applications. Sign up for this session to see all of the shortcuts you can use to harness the variety of cloud data sources available.


  • REST APIs and Alteryx for Online Data and Metrics – If you’ve ever wanted to scrape data off the web and fold it into your insights or get creative about the data sources you’re trying to pull into Alteryx, then this session is for you. Learn how to quickly and easily grab metrics and data from any online resources, scrape an entire web page and parse it quickly and easily.


Scale Alteryx across departments and teams for easy sharing and insights


  • Analytic Tipping Point: When and How to Scale with Alteryx Server – Scaling Alteryx across teams, departments and groups while making sure that you don’t run into any IT roadblocks can be tricky. Join this session to learn when and how to effectively and efficiently scale Alteryx.


  • Breaking Down Analytic Silos with Alteryx Server – Self-service data analytics doesn’t have to come at the cost of data governance. Learn how you can share workflows across teams and users while granularly controlling access and permissions.


Cut down the manual, fill in the gaps, and understand the results


  • Operationalize and Automatically Refresh Your Analytics - All analysts love how Alteryx cuts down on repetitive manual tasks. This session, presented by our very own in-house analyst, will walk you through how to automate even more tasks so you can move past the daily updates, and onto the big analytics projects.


  • Amend Information Gaps with Market & Demographic Data – Incomplete data means incomplete insights. Learn how you can round out your data, amend information gaps and impact your insights.


  • A Deep Dive into the Predictive District on the Alteryx Public Gallery – Crowdsource predictive models, explore new tools, customize your Alteryx Analytics tool palette. These are just a few of the things you’ll learn in this session. If you’re thinking about exploring predictive analytics with Alteryx in 2016, then this session should make its way onto your session scheduler.


The Alteryx Inspire 2016 Technology Track has more sessions than ever, make sure you make the most of your time at Alteryx Inspire by rounding out your session schedule with a few of these not-to-be-missed sessions. Walk away from Alteryx Inspire 2016 embodying this year’s theme –