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AlteryDesigner Beta is now available to Alteryx Beta Program Participants!  Existing Alteryx Beta Program users Sign In/New users Sign Up.  Following is a summary of how and what you can test and provide feedback on! 


Replace Designer users love our ‘Find’ functionality, help us test the new Replace functionality to help users find and now Replace found values across their workflows! 


fig 1 – early mockup of Replace dialog 


PostgreSQL & Snowflake Bulk Loader - Alteryx bulk loaders are meant to improve the performance of data loads.  Currently it takes a reaaally long time to insert via ODBC or would require you to write a custom solution to get this to work.  With the new PostgreSQL & Snowflake Bulk loaders, Alteryx Designer users can write the results of their work into PostgreSQL and Snowflake databases as fast as possible. 


2 PostgreSQL.png 

Fig 2 – PostgreSQL Bulk Loader Connection. 


3 Snowflake.png

Fig 3 - Snowflake Bulk With Local Staging. 


Python Virtual Environment Manager - Virtual environment management is critical for enabling workflows utilizing the Jupyter tool to function in Alteryx server environments.  The Python Virtual Environment Manger enables users of the Jupyter tool to manage their own virtual environments and will also make the code-friendly experience in Designer even more powerful. 


Call to Action  

In addition to helping orient you to the major features that we’re delivering with the next version of Designer, we want you to also do your own exploratory testing so that you can weigh in on the quality of Designer by providing suggestions or identifying bugs by signing in and adding your feedback so that our Product and Development teams can weigh them against other top priorities.  Here’s how to get started! 


  1. Log in to the Alteryx Designer Beta program - Existing users Sign In/New users Sign Up
  2. Select test area by clicking one of the ‘What to Test’ topics on the right hand side of the page.


  1. Choose your installer.  Don’t know which installer to use? check out this blog post.


  1. Apply beta license key.  They’re on the left hand side:


  1. Follow test script instructions


  1. Provide feedback!


  1. Questions?  just email