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Alteryx Analytics Platform products are now supported 18 Months after the GA (General Availability) date. The GA date is the first day customers could download a product version. Product specific GA dates are described in detail in our Version Support Policy.


Why implement this policy?

  • Upgrading to the latest version ensures that you always have the best, fastest and most secure software.
  • Upgrading to the latest version means fewer bugs resulting in more value for your investment
  • By upgrading to the latest version, the users in your organization can choose the right tool for the job, not be relegated to old functionality becuase its newer, fuller featured version isnt implemented yet.

Plan your Upgrade

Typically when a new version of Alteryx Analytics Platform is available, a message will appear in the Designer user interface announcing its availability. Alternately users can select 'Help | Check for Updates' to determine whether a new version is available. Users can also go directly to to see the latest versions and GA dates of Analytics Suite member component products. More details about upgrade considerations for Designer and Server are found in the 'Alteryx Analytics Product Compatibility Policy' section of the Alteryx Analytics Platform Version Support Policy.

Q: Does this impact existing releases?
A: Yes, support details for all available releases are provided in the Version Support Policy.

Q: Will users be able to get technical support through Alteryx Customer Support if they are using a version that is not supported according to this new policy?
A: Users may request assistance regardless of the version of an Alteryx platform product they are using, but Customer Support cannot guarantee resolution or relevant resources for cases tied to an unsupported version