Announcement | We're sad to say that Analyticon 2021 has been cancelled. Please refer to the FAQ for additional information.

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Analyticon 2021 Update

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

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Update: We're sad to say that Analyticon 2021 has been cancelled. Please refer to the FAQ for additional information.



ANALYTICON 2021 Update 


With the safety of everyone in mind, and the uncertainty of what lies ahead, we are proactively choosing to cancel the upcoming Analyticon in January. For now, we shift our focus to rehabilitating our families, communities and country. 


Looking forward, we’ll set our sights on seeing you all next summer in Dallas for the long-awaited launch of Analyticon, June 7-10, 2021. 


As always, you can reach us at or on our event website at 


~ The Alteryx Global Events Team 

12 - Quasar

Hi - Is everything still proceeding as if June timeframe is viable option?  Given the current state of the pandemic and the vaccine roll-outs, will there be enough of the population vaccinated to safely pull this off?


Also, does anyone know where data nerds fall in the vaccination order?  Directly after healthcare workers and first responders maybe?  🙂


Stay healthy everyone!!!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thanks for your question Daniel!


Wish we knew where our data friends fall in the vaccination order. In the meantime, rest assured we'll be making an announcement soon on what to expect for Analyticon 2021.




11 - Bolide

I had the same question.  It seems unlikely it will be safe to travel / meet at that scale by June with the way things are going.  An update on if this is happening in person would be appreciated.  

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Just wanted to make sure folks involved in this thread saw the update from the events team: An update on Analyticon 2021


With the recent news, we have made this forum Read-only, and will be moving it to the public archive shortly. 


If you have specific questions about your Analyticon registration, please refer to the FAQ found on the Analyticon website or email the events team directly at for more information.


For the time being, non-support conversations related to Analyticon or other Alteryx events should be directed to General Discussions.