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Alteryx Use Cases

Read Alteryx customer stories to learn how they transform their organizations into becoming a data-driven business.

Room & Board Triggers Marketing Analytics Success with Alteryx & Adobe

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Overview of Use Case

Room & Board is a privately held, American retailer of modern home furnishings based in Minneapolis, Minnesota with locations across the US. They use their data to understand customers better and improve the customer experience while raising brand awareness. In this use case you will learn how Room & Board used Alteryx and Adobe to improve their customer experience and marketing ROI; easily blend Adobe data with, social, and other data for a more personalized and effective approach; and speed up analytics to optimize marketing across channels and products.

Describe the business challenge or problem you needed to solve

Just like many other departments in an organization, there are challenges with data in marketing.  First and foremost is the amount of data coming from different systems, sometimes there are needs for real-time data streaming to feed decision management systems for instance, and finally other things like working across different departments and teams to get the data and answers you need can be challenging.


This is where analytics can play a key role, and especially when you think about what Alteryx does and what someone like Adobe can do. In today’s world, digital analytics is crucial for marketing departments. The lack of in person activities has changed the way marketing organizations need to operate to be successful and personalized email campagins are now more important and relevant than ever.

Describe your working solution

We use Alteryx and the Adobe Analytics connector for many purposes like ad-hoc reporting, web-based score cards and dashboards for store location. The Adobe connector provides seamless integration with the Alteryx APA platform and self-service data analytics that drives faster insights with repeatable analytics processes. By automating the data-driven processes, manual hand-offs are avoided, resulting in faster analytic cycle times.



Engage Abandoned Cart Email Campaign: tracking in-store engagements between the design associates and their customers.


Our point of sale website has Adobe analytics deployed allowing us to track in-store engagements between the design associates and their customers. Design associates in our stores are equipped with tablets allowing them to create shopping carts and share directly with their customers. Adobe connector allows us to pull this data into a daily data feed used for an in-store abandoned cart email campaign.


  • Adobe analytics captures in-store activity.
  • Alteryx joins data from Salesforce, marketing cloud, SAP, Sap Hana to ensure that we are not sending an email to a customer who already purchased the item on the website after the store visit.
  • Alteryx Adobe connector allows us to pull activity from the previous day to trigger our Engage abandoned cart email campaign.

Browse Behavior Email Campaign: understand customer browsing behavior on the website. We look at the content the visitor was browsing, time spent on page, number of page views and number of visits for the past 24-hours. We then use Alteryx to score all the segmented content they have viewed and predict what product categories the customers are most interested in. This data is then shared with our ESP for a daily triggered email campaign.


  • Based on visitors browsing activity from the previous day.
  • Over 17 different creative content emails.
  • One of our most productive triggered email campaigns.



In-Store Customer Follow-up: integrating customer information with CRM systems. We use the Adobe connector to pull in any newly added customers to “my opportunities”, a CRM solution that is built into our Point of Sale system, from 2-days ago. We also verify that the customer has not yet purchased from any of our channels.


  • Based on customers that are added to Design Associates My Opportunities.
  • The Alteryx workflow joins all the data together and add multiple variables. The complete dataset allows us to build the end data that we need to send over to ESP to trigger the email on behalf of the Design Associate.




Browse Behavior / In-Store Direct Mail Campaign: transforms the marketer experience by offering an end-to-end solution to create deeper and faster insights into how to engage, win, retain, and grow customers. 

  • Based on customers that have browsed our website or visited a store in the past week but are not opted-in to our email marketing campaigns.
  • Using the Adobe connector, we can pull in all the customer id’s and stitch together their email and physical address.
  • One of our most complex processes with 10 workflows. One of the workflows uses the fuzzy match algorithm to identify any duplicates between our lists.
  • Workflows run in 30-minutes. Would take 2-days to pull without Alteryx.
  • We also verify that they have not purchased and scrub out any customers that are not opted-in.
  • One of our most productive direct mail campaigns.

Customer Site BB DataCustomer Site BB Data


Point of Sale Site BB DataPoint of Sale Site BB Data

Describe the benefits you have achieved 

Before using the Adobe Analytics Connector, we were using Adobe Data Warehouse. We would export the raw data and bring it to the Alteryx workflow. So now we eliminated that step because we can bring the data direct to the workflow. Alteryx and the Adobe Connector simplified the process. They allow transparency and visibility into our data and opportunity to modify and make changes to optmize the performance of the campaigns. It only took two people to put all those Alteryx workflows together. The entire process is streamlined, and it scaled. It definitely made our lives easier and a lot more fun.

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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Room and Board makes beautiful furniture. Their workflows are pretty, too.

8 - Asteroid

Great read - thanks @jschroeder! Really exciting to see how teams are finding creative ways to extract and blend Adobe data to actionable insights.