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Salesforce Connector v. 4.1 doesn't work on Server - fix it please!

Version 4.0 and 4.1 of the Salesforce Input Connector doesn't work on Alteryx Server - I'm on 2019.2.  I'm in the process of migrating workflows onto Server, which we recently purchased and the fact that I can't move my Salesforce ETL processes without downgrading Server is a big problem.  I've been wrestling with this for two weeks - it was a big distraction during Inspire before I realized there was a known issue here.


Others are having this problem:


@BlytheE , can we PLEASE prioritize this?!?  Thanks!


@matt2 we totally hear you on this one and this is a high priority for me. I want to clarify the workaround for other people having this issue - it's not to downgrade your server version, it's to downgrade the Salesforce Input tool to use a pre-4.0 version.


Not on Scheduler either. Please fix it, thanks. 


We reverted back to the deprecated non-py Salesforce input tool and it works on the server 2019.1 - also in a batch macro. 


Thank you for the suggestion, @BlytheE !  That helps.  One thing, I had to right-click in my Tools area and "show depreciated tools" in Designer.  I'm on 2019.2.


Apologies - as my intentions are not to whine about this.  However, our organization has experienced nothing but headaches with both versions 4.0 and 4.1 of the Salesforce input tool.  I've been patient as this was honestly a last resort, but with Salesforce being, well, Salesforce, I feel that Alteryx should prioritize fixing the bugs in this connector that are literally stopping production for many customers.  First, we found 4.1 to be such as drag on the UI (probably due to HTML GUI Set/Get Config settings, etc.) that it was absolutely unbearable to continue development on any workflow using v4.1 of the tool.  It also riddles downstream tools (most commonly Selects and Joins) with the indescribably annoying "You have found a bug" errors - which seem to only be remediated via deleting, replacing, and reconfiguring.


So, we downgraded to 4.0, which significantly sped up the GUI experience, but then noticed that it prevented multi-user collaboration of workflows that use the 4.0 input due to the fact that the tool stores session info which is directly tied to a logged in user.  Even when we're using a Salesforce (shared) service account for each input, the session errors exist when a different user opens the same workflow.  Ideally the tool, upon instantiation (HTML GUI Set/Get Config) would detect already existing username/token/password in the tool's XML config and re-authenticate, at that point, and obtain a new session/token, correct?


Anywho, kindly asking for any progress update on a thoroughly tested new version that addresses these bugs.  I'm only passionate because we do love this tool and rely it for business critical processes.  It is a great tool for the most widely used CRM in world, after all!

Please fix this to run on gallery!!!!

I second @Coxta45 's frustrations above. I've been a big proponent of using Alteryx with Salesforce over developers wanting to write custom solutions. However, with all the issues I've encountered (e.g., proxy issues - which I still had to hack the of the 4.1 connector due to our proxy requirements), I (and Alteryx) am beginning to lose credibility on the use of this tool. This needs to get fixed quickly and needs to be solid as I've encountered all of the issues @Coxta45 reported as well as others such as SOQL result parsing issues that worked fine in older versions of the connector.