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unchecking "Allow unregistered users to run Public Gallery workflows" prevents sign in


We're using Alteryx 10.6.  I have two users, both Artisans.  In Gallery System Settings, when I uncheck the box "Allow unregistered users to run Public Gallery workflows", one user is automatically authenticated and is signed in, and the other is not, and receives an authentication error.  When I use Robomongo to look at the AlteryxGallery info, in Users, I see that the two users have some key/value pairs that are different.  They are: 


successful account


Sponsor: NULL

DateUpdated: 2016-08-12 19:33

UserProfile:  (11 fields)

Referral: (4 fields)


Unsuccessful account


Sponsor:  <identifier # here>

DateUpdate:  NULL

UserProfile:  NULL

Referral:  NULL


All other key value pairs are the same.  Any thoughts on what is wrong, and how I can fix it?

Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager

@cwhitecotton The users profile may have become corrupt. Deleting the user profile in the Mongo database in the Windowsidentity, users, and active directory then having them re-add their information will resolve the issue.  Please make sure that you only remove those profiles and no other profiles that you may assume are corrupt as certain profiles are needed for the Gallery to operate properly.