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server workflow execution when output is to Tableau server

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Hi all,


I have a workflow that puts an output to a tableau server.  When running it locally, I have no issues.  I can connect to the server via designer, and the workflow outputs the data to the Tableau server of my choice.


HOWEVER....when I take that same workflow, and upload it to my Alteryx server, and try to run that workflow, the workflow fails, and when I look at the error messages, I see this truncated error message....




I can't scroll further past this.


We have our own Tableau server, and this connection started failing around June 22.


Any thoughts as to what can cause this?







Hi @prpatel - I noticed a similar question, and some details surrounding what appears to be related to your situation - https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Alteryx-Server-Discussions/quot-Publish-to-Tableau-Server-quot-Tool...


Take a look at that post, it looks like one workaround might be to disable AMP engine temporarily.

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@BrianR ...yes...I disabled the AMP engine everywhere, and it worked like a charm.