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server & gallery best practices

Alteryx Partner

Hi Everyone, 


I have few questions on alteryx server and gallery 


A developer using Designer on their desktop will use AD(active dir.) groups to specify and use DB connections when they build a workflow.

1)To publish a workflow to the Server as either a scheduled workflow or one that can be run by another user in the Gallery,

how can the developer specify the credentials to use for a scheduled workflow, and when run by a user, the workflow must use the user’s individual credentials?


2) Will the Gallery user be able to run a workflow (that they have permission to run) using their individual DB authorizations?  How does that work?


3) How does a user set up a workflow to on Server so that the server uses its own credentials to connect to the data sources? The user would not be privy to the Server credentials used.



note: Gallery user is (non-Alteryx license user) who can run the workflow via his/her database access rights

Director, Customer Enablement
Director, Customer Enablement

@shweta_factspan, check out all of our options for workflow credentials in the gallery here.  If you are looking to defer to the developer to decide when workflows should always run with the same credentials or each person using the published workflow should have to use their credentials, you are looking at moving over to 'Allow users to select credentials options'. Once the change is made in the admin view of the Gallery, the publication dialogue should include the options.