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Different results on server to local machine


Hi all,


We have built and tested two related workflows in Alteryx Designer (2018.2.4.47804) which combine header and detail lines of a transaction report, and then one workflow summarises the expanded detail lines. 


Everything works OK fine on the local machine, but when we run the same processes on the server, some values are not coming through correctly, the fields have different values compared to the results run locally. Has anyone had any similar experiences?


An example of once invoice is attached - when run on the server, the line with a 'ReportingCurrencyBaseAmount' value of 14112 comes out as 0.


Local Version: 2018.2.4.47804

Server Version: 2018.2.4.47804


Appreciate the help.


Alteryx Certified Partner

I think more information is necessary to provide guidance here. Could you share specific example of what is different (screenshots, workflows, etc)? What version is the server running?