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count of previous rows in past 7 days - Multi-Row




i have a workflow that should flag each date against same 'top most par calc' if appears in previous 7 days. That part is working fine in the workflow.


I would like to create new field which will calculate number of repetition in the previous 7 days from current date. On screenshot below you can see where the problem is




as you can see, calculation i made is not restarting count based on current date, but counting all previous records.


Workflow is attached

This is quite a fiddly problem.


If I am understanding it correctly I suggest the following.


Create a running total for each 'top most par calc'

You can then create a set of dates with a 7d ago and 180d ago.

Then create a complete running count for all these dates filling in the gaps

Finally join this series back to the data and you can produce the counts


I have attached a sample doing this


Oh it's a complicated workflow. @jdunkerley79 :)


Unfortunately it is not giving me results that it should. I highlighted the wrong values



I had done within 7x 24 hours backward. I have adjusted it to be within the last 7 days. This is controlled by the formula tool date2_7d.


Have attached a new version for you to look at. Think matches required results


Thank you @jdunkerley79


This worked perfectly