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Workflow Results in Server Version 2022.1

5 - Atom

I noticed that each row of the workflow results in both the Workflow Results tab and the job results under each individual workflows is "cut off" to one line in server version 2022.1. Is there any where that this information exists now?


In previous versions, our auditors used to be able to view the full input DB name + the full queries, and see how many records were written in outputs to full file locations from the Workflow Results tab. Now the only thing visible is the first line of each of these result rows which has presented some problems with documentation. Am I missing something here?

14 - Magnetar

If you need to see the full message and your monitor is not big enough you can view the full text under the page's source code or if you inspect the element you want. Unfortunately, there is no other easy way to do this from the UI.




7 - Meteor

I have also observed that if Workflow is running for few hours and log is huge, Gallery 2022.1 is not loading all the logs .

1. Sometimes page goes in unresponsive

2. SOmetmes it gives error : Opening the file "Record #xx Tool#xx D:\programdata\...\...\