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Workflow Results and Schedules in the Gallery

8 - Asteroid

Is it possible to enable users other than the owner to view Workflow results and Schedules from a Private Gallery?

I have been able to give multiple users access to the one Studio, so they can all see the workflow in question, but only the owner can see the workflow results and the schedule that runs the workflow regularly.

Any help would me much appreciated.


6 - Meteoroid

Hi @chrisrayner,


A couple of ideas come to mind. As part of the workflow itself you could setup an event that sends an email to a select number of people with the workflow results after the workflow completes

(see "Email Events to notify on Start or Finish"


A second option is to use the MongoDB input tool to query the MongoDB periodically for workflow results (Note: your Server configuration will dictate how long workflow results are kept in the database before being wiped).