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Workflow Credential shared with Subscription can be scheduled but schedule can't be edited

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We're running 2019.2 Server using Windows Auth. We are trying to move to a PROD server that uses functional accounts to run our PROD scheduled workflows, so we're sharing Data Connections and Workflow Credentials with the Studio.


There's a known issue with scheduling workflows using Data Connections shared with a Studio (LINK). However, I'm also noticing that Workflow Credentials shared with the Studio are causing issues with scheduled workflows. The workflow can be scheduled and runs just fine, however, the schedule cannot be changed by the person who first created the schedule. That person being a member of the Studio.


Apparently the work around is to share the Workflow Credential directly with the users that are members of the Studio.


Does anyone know if this issue is known and being tracked for fixing in a future release?


Thank you!

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi @cam_w 


I tried to take a look here:


Tried to find any ideas posted for something along the lines of what you are asking about and although I didn't see anything exact there are a ton for the scheduler in general. I would recommend you post an idea and share it out. The team is really good about keeping track and if it is indeed part of something else they'll combine it if not your idea can get some legs on it and get prioritized for development 🙂 


Hope this helps! If it does please mark as solved so that others will be able to find it on the community 🙂 




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Hi @joshuaburkhow -


Sorry, was out of office! Alteryx Support confirmed that it's an issue that they're already tracking. The workaround is to share the Workflow Credential directly with the Users that need to access it.