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Why do I have to select a 'File Format' after running a workflow from Server?

7 - Meteor

After I run a workflow from the Server, I get presented with a notice of the name and location of the output file.  I am also requested to specify the file format even though the file format is already specified on the file.  Why?

Note, the file is generated via the Render tool.

One other question, is it possible to provide a 'preview' of the results on this screen also?

Thank you





Hi @LarryRippe - 


1) When you published your workflow to the Alteryx Server you included your output file as an asset:


This led to replacement of your original path with "_externals\..." and querying for a file type to download. You need to deselect the output file from the workflow assets.


2) If you want a preview of your data the most simple way is to add one more Output Data tool and save the same output to yxdb. Then the result will be displayed as a table. Alternatively, you need one more Render saving to pcxml format.


7 - Meteor

Thank you for your reply.

Regarding #1 - I did as you suggested and removed the output file from workflow assets.  I still got prompted for a File Format.

However, I also did as you suggested and added a 'Render' in .pcxml and was able to preview the data.  I then deleted the original 'Render' and just retained the .pcxml Render.  Now, only a single file is generated in a preview and the user can download it in .xlsx if they want to save it (File Format prompt is now needed).