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What data is captured by Designer Usage PhoneHomeURL?

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I'm trying to understand what usage data is captured for Alteryx Designer users and sent to Alteryx Server using the PhoneHomeURL in Designer's runtime settings. I've found this documentation page around saving Designer Usage Data, and it seems like the PhoneHomeURL is not capturing specific details about the results logged in each run of a workflow in Designer.


My specific question is -- do the logs of the user's runs get sent to Server from Designer? My team (and other analysts throughout the org) will be running workflows using the Message tool in order to identify specific data issues, and I'd like to capture the errors in Server to monitor the overall process and data quality.




The information captured in the DB is top level detail (metadata) of the executed workflow


  • Registered user email & User ID
  • Device/Machine ID
  • License type
  • License key
  • DateTime of the run
  • Version of Alteryx Designer
  • Number of cores on the machine
  • Array of tools used in the workflow

The log output of the run using Alteryx Designer is not captured in the DB. You could get the information for processes executed on the server though.








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@MichalMthank you for confirming!

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@MichalM In which collection raw data is saved?


We're looking for information around workflows/analytic apps/macros ran by users from designer and get specific details around which failed and why.


When we run Server Usage report, it generates few files. The Summary.pdf is interesting as it has data for Desktop Usage.

Is there a way to see if we can get the following 'raw' data for Desktop Usage:

- Date/Time of the workflow run
- User email
- Workflow name
- Any other information related to the Desktop workflow Usage




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I've been looking everywhere in the Mongo DB for the Designer license data but I cant find it.  Which Collection is it in?  Is the license information only available if you're running a license server? @MichalM