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Use Comannd Line and Scheduling with two NW

Alteryx Certified Partner
I would like to use this solution. Is it feasible?
Alteryx Server and AlteryxDesigner are in Network A (other NW = Virtual Desktop Initiative)
Suppose AlteryxDesigner is on Network B (My PC = Local NW).
Can I run an AlteryxDesigner workflow from network A to network B using the network A command line or task scheduler?
Thank you very much



Assuming the workflow is in a location accessible by the system that is going to execute it (shared network folder referenced using UNC path) and that the system executing the workflow is licensed to execute jobs on a command line, this should work.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Thank you very much.
Is it possible to run a workflow of another network (client) using Command from AlteryxServer?
It is assumed that the data is confidential information and only on the client side.

Thank you.


The workflow and the data will need to be moved onto the machine the workflow gets executed on.

Alteryx Certified Partner

If you have a designer license on the client side, you can use the scheduling function of AlteryxServer on another NW while the workflow and data remain on the client side, right?

Thank you for your quick reply.


Unfortunately that won't work. You can't use the Server to trigger a workflow run on a designer installed on a client machine.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Thank you!