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Uploading spatial workflows to private server


I have a couple questions regarding spatial workflows uploaded to our Alteryx server that I couldn't find browsing community posts.


We have two spatial license and when one of those artisans uploads a flow, it says that the server is not licensed.  Do we need a separate server license for spatial or do I just need to download the spatial data there?  Also, where on the server should the data be stored in the Alteryx directory?


Secondly, when using multiple spatial licenses, is it best practice to store the spatial data on a shared drive or the Alteryx server itself?


Thanks in advance!




Data is best stored locally on the developer's machine if you are going to be developing a lot with the data. The main reason for that is that it cuts down on any network latency you might have when your workflow runs. If you don't have a need to run workflows with Alteryx data in them locally, or have a fast reliable network, you can certainly install the data one time on the server and then have local machines "register" from that network location and then be done with it (


That said, you will want the data installed and licensed on the server in order for scheduled, and gallery based workflows and apps to run.