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We will be upgrading the Gallery to our 2019.4 release this Saturday, December 7th beginning at 9:00am MT. We expect the outage to take last approx. 2.5 hours.

Shared Gallery connections not synced to client


Hi all,


At our company we are running into an issue with Gallery connections. In our setup Alteryx clients are deployed on DevTestLab VM's in Azure where users login using a local account. These VM's are not part of our AD domain.
We also have an Alteryx server up and running in our VDC adn have authorized users with their domainaccounts to publish workflows in the Gallery. From the VMs the user can access the Gallery and open/save workflows without any problem (it requires a seperate login although using their domain account).
We have also created connections in the Gallery and authorized users to use these based on thier domain account. Unfortunately the connections are not visible in the Alteryx clients as it seems that the sync is not happening from the Gallery.
Is this due to a mismatch between the account that is running the clietn (local account) and the account that is used to connect to the Gallery (domain account)? And how to get the described scenario working?

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Mooster71 


I suspect that it is due to your local clients not being associated to the domain the server is on. While Alteryx Server does have multi-domain support, there's certain conditions that must be met in order for this feature to operate.



If these conditions cannot be met, it may be more suitable to use the "built-in" authentication vs. Windows Auth. 

NOTE changing the authentication mechanism is not recommended once it's been established. Typically, a clean install of Server is required to ensure normal operation.


Hope this helps!

Teknion Data Solutions

Hi Jimmy,


This was actually the response we got from Alteryx after raising it as an issue. However, given the fact that one can connect to a Gallery across domains to open and save workflows I would consider the observed behavior of the Alias sync as a bug in the product. Why doesn't Alias sync take the same route as the general Gallery connection: if SSO fails, show a login dialog to the Alteryx server?

Unfortunately Alteryx told me to raise it as a feature request instead of fixing the bug by changing only a couple of lines of code.