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Sending email with attachments generated by Output files

6 - Meteoroid



I have a chained App in Gallery, and it doesn't show the output files on success but run directly the next app.

So I'd like to send an email with the output files generated to the user.


When I create my workflow, add the email tool, Add attchment, it is only files from my laptop while I want the attachment to refer to the generated output files.


Could you help me?



16 - Nebula

You should be able to write the file to the temp filepath and then use that path for the email attachment. You can either use an email tool or set up and "after run without errors" email event.


For instance, write the file with filepath:   %temp%\filename.yxdb  (or whatever file type you want to use.


You can then use the following path to attach the file:     [Engine.TempFilePath]+"filename.yxdb"

9 - Comet

also, put a block until done tool upstream from the email tool

6 - Meteoroid

Actually, I have found the solution: you just need to put the name of the file instead of a path and when publishing in Gallery, the App will use the file generated in the App.


Thanks for your inputs.

6 - Meteoroid

the Block Until Done is not very helping as it is not fully blocking downstream when you use file/Connector... with

5 - Atom

Hi Nicolas, are you using the temp file path in the file output? can you show an example?