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Scheduled worklfow - not picking up the "Published Version"

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I have a workflow (will call it X and it has 5 versions with Version 5 being the "Published" version)..


The above workflow has been scheduled to run in the early morning.


However, the scheduled run appears to be picking up a previous version of the workflow (version 3). 


Anybody experienced that before?  How can I trouble shoot?  And, most importantly, how can I ensure that the scheduled run picks up the "Published" version, i.e. "version 5".?




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@JohnBell This is expected behavior for schedules. In order to prevent changes to the workflow possibly breaking a scheduled task or causing unexpected results the scheduler will continue running the same version of the workflow that was used to create the schedule. If you need to update the version run by the scheduler you will need to create a schedule for the new version of the workflow. 

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Thanks, but I don't think that's right...that may have been with 11.0 and prior...


In fact, we've upgraded to 2018.2 and had to re-install the "Publish to Tableau Server" tool.


We took the current workflows from the gallery, made the changes, saved back to the gallery (now it's a different version - and designated with the "P" - Published Version)...and then the next scheduled run it picked up this version (as expected, since it is designated as "P").


Of all the workflows, 60 or more, this process worked, but on ONE workflow it didn't, and hence my initial question.




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Hi @JohnBell


After some more testing, we've found that the Scheduler will pick up the latest version from Gallery. However, the version marked as the published version "P" does not affect this. The scheduler will always choose the latest version that's on Gallery. 


To avoid this, if an old version is the desired version to be scheduled, one needs to upload it as a different workflow OR save it as the most recent version.




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Hi - I think this is bad product design :(