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Run workflow using Command Prompt - API Error message



I am trying to used the command prompt on a sql server to run an alteryx workflow. 


When we code  in the command prompt it's coming back with the following error message "Error - Alteryx Engine - The Feature "API" is not licensed"


I have check our Alteryx Server and i can see that the "API & Command Line w/ Scheduler (Enterprise Server and Workstation) is ticked.


I can run the same bit of code on the Alteryx Server and it works. I don't understand why it saying the the API is not licensed when you try to run the same code on an SQL Server and any advise would be great. Do we need some extra premissions for it run??






Could you please share the command you're executing on the SQL server? I assume you have Alteryx installed on this machine? Or you're trying to trigger a workflow on the server from this machine?


The SQL is on one sever and the Alteryx is on another server. So we are trying to trigger an workflow from another machine.


Here is the command



cd\\ C:\Program Files\Alteryx\Bin

AlteryxEngineCmd.exe "Workflow path"





Alteryx is not install on the sql server, should it be install on that server as well? 


is there any update on this?


@AndrewCrayford  You will only be able to trigger the workflow this way on the machine with Alteryx installed and licensed. Is there a reason why you're doing it from the SQL server?