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Reading/Writing SharePoint files on server

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We are having issues with getting Files stored on our SharePoint to read/write when we publish our workflows to the server. They work fine when we use the UNC path but have been told that the server is not able to connect to the SharePoint - is there a workaround for this as I am trying to automate a process that involves files on the SharePoint.


many thanks

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Even I am looking out for the same solution. When I use the share point file path to input tool, it use to say file not found the issue.


Me too.,  waiting for a solution.

I've tried for more than a year to find a solution or at least the cause for this.

The result of my analysis was in fact that not Alteryx is to blame for this, but the Sharepoint secure login. 


If local you have to map manually the path as a shared drive, you have noticed that after some time, if you are not using that sharepoint location, the path is not working, so you need to login using the SSO or whatever is set up in your organization.


Unfortunately Alteryx is struggling for a lot of time to find a connector or an workaround but no success for now.


The force be with you

Catalin T.

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Hi Team,


Having the same exact issue with SharePoint. I'd be very grateful if someday this can be resolved.


For my specific issue - when I pull data from sharepoint in Designer it works, when I load my workflow to the Gallery it crashes. This appears to be some kind of authentication issue that's preventing me to proceed.

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 Did anyone from Alteryx provide a solution for this issue?

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I am also looking for a solution @Alteryx

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Can someone help here, I am looking for the same issue.

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+1. Works fine locally, getting cannot access folder or cannot find file errors when run from gallery. 

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hello team, 


did you please  find a solution ? as you said in alteryx designer it works correctly but when i publish my wf it crashed .