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Publishing a Workflow in Alteryx Server


Hello - We have a calculator created using Alteryx that will read an input sheet and output the data in an Access DB and also generate an excel report.


Can somebody help me understand:

1. When the flow is published on the server, how would the user be able to input data into the input data sheet?

2. Once flow finishes running where would be the output sheets be generated? 


Apologies if this question is related to a basic server workflow publication method, but wanted to check the steps around overall process and if there are any knowledge base article out there that I can leverage?




In terms of inputs you have couple of options depending on how much data you need the end user to input



As for outputs, you can either


  • Output the file straight into the Gallery using a relative path or
  • Push it into a network drive where the user will be able to access it using a UNC path.

You would convert the workflow to an analytic app and use the interface tools to let users upload the required information. Look at the live training videos or the interactive tutorials to get an idea how this works.


 I hope this helps! 



Thank you Seth. This is very helpful.