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Alteryx Server Installation


we've installed alteryx server on cloud but we can't start the service on the Gallery. It stops by timeout but the Gallery installation ends with no errors.

At first, on the event view we've got this error: Error - Gallery Service failed to start in a timely fashion, exiting.

We've checked all the solutions here on the forum but none worked.


Then we've rebooted the VM and the error changed: Error - Failed to register Service URL (183).
Please contact your Systems Administrator to ensure that port 443 is unused and open for inbound connections,


but there's no other application listening on 443 port. We've got this message with IIS turned ON or OFF, so it's not related.

The other two roles installation went fine (worker and controller) and the services are up and running.


At last we've tried to install all the roles on a single server but we've got the same issue.


We've got no load balancer or proxy server. All the ports are opened because the servers are on the same subnet.


All the roles are on win server 2016 vms




Could you please share the Gallery log and the Service log from the Gallery node as well as the RuntimeSettings.xml from both the Gallery and Controller nodes? The xml can normally be found under C:\ProgramData\Alteryx


I'd also try disabling SSL on the Gallery to see whether it makes any difference.