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Pass the output of a workflow to the input of another


Hi all,

we need to use the output of a workflow into the input of another workflow. The chain is like this:

1) both workflows are on Gallery

2) we execute workflow1 with a CSV output called output1

3) we execute workflow2 where its input is the file output1


Is there anyway to pass the output1 file to the workflow2? I see that they can be shared using a ftp but it needs to blob each column, too complicated for business user.


any idea?


Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @jsoler 


Have you thought of saving the file to a network location and then reading from there?


Hi @jamielaird ,

our Gallery Server is on AWS and for security reasons it is not possible to connect to the corporate shared drive on premise.


Then, I think there's two options: ftp or S3 bucket.


We already have available the ftp option, so that's why I tried that, but then I saw that each column needs to be converted to blob.


is there any solution or which is the best practice to do that?



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @jsoler 


In this case I think connecting to an S3 bucket would be the best option. You can use the S3 Input and S3 Output tools within Alteryx to simplify the process of setting up the connections.