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Oracle connection workflow (64 bit, indbc) not saving to the server


I'm trying to save in-db workflow using .indbc (as a workaround for setting up connections on the server) oracle connection file (OCI, ODBC configuration) and I get below errors:









I assume it is related to the fact that drivers are not available on the server, correct?


Alteryx Certified Partner

That seems to be the case. You can define the connection, but the drivers and supporting files still need to be installed on the Server workers.


I found the solution @CharlieS 


1. Instal 64bit driver on Alteryx Server (ODBC + OCI)

2. While uploading in-db workflows to the server use IN_DB Connection File (embedded credentials) in the workflow. That way Alteryx Server overrides default credentials with attached in the workflow using installed driver.