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MongoDB - where to find + change WF schedule state


Hey all,


I have a couple of questions related to the MongoDB for Alteryx Server.


Where can I find what the state of a scheduled Workflow is from within the server’s MongoDB instance? I.e. How can I find out whether a schedule is enabled or disabled just by querying the MongoDB?


Secondly, can I change the state of a schedule through MongoDB? I.e. How do I switch the state of a schedule from Enabled to Disabled and/or vice versa via MongoDB?





you can read this article, it can be a good starting point:

Why want you to update scheduling status? Would it be easier to call the execution of your workflow through the Server API ?



Thanks. Bottom line is I would like to enable/disable multiple schedules on the Server in one go, rather than having to enable/disable schedules individually manually. (The server gallery hasn't got this facility unfortunately.)


I wasn't aware of the Server API option, so I'll look into whether there's an API for enabling/disabling schedules on the gallery.


I'd appreciated any further pointers/ideas on this if any :)