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Manage access to Controller

Alteryx Partner

Currently we have several users scheduling their workflows on the server via the Controller token.

Is there any way to revoke access from particular users (e.g. because they've changed teams/roles)  once they know the controller token?


@TramT Access to the controller via token can't be revoked on an individual basis. This is because the token is used for authentication by all users rather than individual accounts. The only option to revoke access is to change the controller token and share the new token with the parties that should have access. A better option if your server is running version 11.0 or higher would be to have all your users schedule workflows via Gallery instead of directly to the controller. This gives administrators more control over the schedules and schedules are isolated based on user instead of everyone with the token having access to everything. With 11.3 and high you can even migrate your legacy controller schedules to Gallery.