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MS Word tracked change output


Hi All,


I am using a workflow for document automation. I have a legal letter which I can automate by splitting the paragraphs of the letter into various text tools and adding fields (a bit like a mail merge). I have also added user interface tools which will update the fields (e.g. Name, Address etc) and will select certain paragraphs/clauses based on users responses to the interface questions.


I would share the workflow example however my question is more on the output and functionality with Word:


Q Is it possible for the docx file generated by Alteryx to show tracked changes?


I have taken the original file with all the different paragraphs/clauses and saved it locally. I selected the same file as the output of the render tool. However, Alteryx appears to completely overwrite the file even if I save it with tracked changes before running the workflow.


Many thanks



@Bueller18 - unfortunately this is not a supported feature in outputting to a Word doc. The current behavior is that the file is overwritten.

Sophia Fraticelli
Customer Support Engineer
Alteryx, Inc.