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Jobs on gallery queued for long time


Hi All,


My team has Alteryx server set up and for the most of the time it's working properly. Usually, a job will run immediately after being created. But recently, I noticed that some jobs will be queued after being created. Since we only have a small group of users, I am able to check with everyone to see if they have something running but none of them has jobs running. So we need shut down the server and re-launch it to solve this problem, which is not an ideal solution. So my questions are:


1. when and why will a job be queued?


2. how can I find the first job that is queued? Or all of them. I checked the job tab under admin tab and found nothing.


Thank you!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

shut down server?


On the server, you can use task manager to STOP and then START the service.  Why this is happening is something that you can work with support to capture log information to find the root-cause.





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Via the Gallery page, the Admin user can switch to the Admin view and see the jobs currently running. It shows what is running and what order the jobs are stacking up.  The Admin can also kill a job in that list.


Jobs get queued when the number of submitted jobs exceeds the allowed maximum number of jobs that can run at once. That's all part of the server set up.  You can talk to your server admins about this.