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Can't find the option to switch on Alteryx Servers RESTful API


Hey guys,

Looking at the documentation here I should be able to switch on the Server API from the data connections page.

However I cannot seem to locate the option to do so and it does not appear on that page at all!


The server is a fresh install of 2019.1 and I'm wondering if the option has moved at all?


Any advice would be grand.



Hi - to enable the API by going to the administrative settings in your Server and clicking on the "keys" tab. I have added an image here to describe where that is. I hope this helps! If you'd like additional documentation regarding the APIs click on the small "Looking for More?" tab at the bottom of our screen when within the Gallery interface. 

Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner

Hi @Brawlstrogg ,


@TrevorY  is correct. You will need permissions to access this as a user in Alteryx Gallery.  Your user settings under the admin tab have a toggle for the API enabling.  Then when you are in your user view of Alteryx you can access your API key under your user settings seen in the image Trevor shared.  


Please let let me know if you need further pictures.