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Interactive API Documentation Keeps Returning 401 Error

I am trying to get started with the Alteryx API, but keep getting 401 errors.  I suspect that there is a setting somewhere that I am missing, but cannot find it. This what I have done.


Enabled my private studio to do APIs

Copied the Key and Secret to the interactive API documentation

Get 401 error


Attached are screenshots.


I'm using the below video as a guide (starting around 23:28)





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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Jake_Jake_Jake,


Double check that the key your using matches up with the tabs here (There are Subscription Keys and Admin Keys)



Also, don't forget, that if you're trying to use the API for your own Private Gallery, it's NOT as this one is for the public gallery. For accessing the API that's using a localhost Server, the url would be http://localhost/gallery/api-docs/#subscription

You can find this link from the "Keys" tab where it says "Visit the Subscription interactive API documentation for more information."