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IdentityNotMappedException for a User

6 - Meteoroid

We use Windows Authentication on our server.


I have a few users who left the company then came back and were given back their original user names.


When they access our company gallery they can't authenticate.  When I look at the user in the admin utility I get the following error:
Unknown error. IdentityNotMappedException RequestID: ********************


It seems their SID is not being translated back to an NT user.  I am wondering if this is due to some caching inside of the Mongo database.


I was hoping to delete the user and have them go to the gallery like it was their first time.  This way it would clear out any issues in the Mongo.  Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be an option in the Alteryx Server Admin utility.


If I were to query the users collection, remove the record for the affected user and overwrite the collection would this solve effectively delete the user?


Anyone else experienced this error and know how to get access for users in this scenario?

10 - Fireball

I've experienced a similar problem with returning employees.  Basically, their usernames (samAccountNames) don't change within AD, but their SIDs do.  The solution has always been to edit their existing record within the MongoDB to replace the existing SID with their new value.  If you're not comfortable with the MongoDB, you'll want to engage Alteryx Support so they can walk you through this.

6 - Meteoroid

We are facing a similar issue only when users no longer exist in AD. I dont think updating MongoDB directly is safe solution. Any luck with Alteryx Support ?


Error Message : Unknown error. IdentityNotMappedException RequestID: **