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I need to enable failure notification of my workflow in gallery

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Currently I am having workflows scheduled from my company Gallery.

On success of workflow an email notification to the users is done with data attached.

When the workflow fails it does trigger a mail at all.

IS this because the output files are big? What is the maximum size of output file that can be attached to email notification?

How to get notification when workflow fails as well. 

Please suggest.

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You have data attach file? Or you think your content of comments were too big?

8 - Asteroid

I have the data  that will be attached in the mail notification


Hi @preethisisaac, as a test, I created two rules for a given workflow, one based on "After Run without Errors" and "After Run with Errors". In both of these cases, when I run from my own Gallery, I get the email as well as the attached data. I believe you mentioned that when it's successful, you are getting the attachment, is that correct? Is the attachment to be sent the same file, or does one significantly differ from the other (Successful run gets one file, Unsuccessful gets a different)?


Also you mentioned size limitations - that may be something to look at from your email system...does your email system impose limits on email sizes?


Note - I'm using the same notification that @Emil_Kos mentions, i.e., Workflow Events, just configured two different ones.