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I can't save credentials for Conjur CyberArk on DCM Credentials

8 - Asteroid

Hey All, I am trying for the first time configure a CyberArk vault using DCM on the server. I followed the steps using this guide:

CyberArk Conjur Configuration (


Now, I am trying to configure the part "Create New Credential with an External Vault" and after I enter all the information I click save and nothing happens. No error messages, nada, zero, nothing. Cancel works.


Here is my config screen looks like, I had to replace the real strings with dummy ones:



Screenshot 2023-11-07 103313.png


Has anyone encountered this issue before? Any bread crumbs for me to follow please?


7 - Meteor

Same Issue here!

7 - Meteor

I got ours to work, but it was for an SDK connection for the Tableau Connector.  Maybe this will work for you, too.  


After you synchronize the connection, select it in Designer and if the connect is greyed out,

  • select the 3 vertical ellipses
  • click edit
  • if you have the box "allow connection for SDK", check it
  • save and link then see if you can connect
7 - Meteor

We have had to log a support ticket with Cyberark.  Keep getting this error even though we have followed the documentation as best as possible.  Cyberark sees alteryx pinging it but cyberark says it won't allow it for some reason.  It's like a ping pong game of vendors finger pointing - it's alteryx no it's cyberark no it's alteryx.  Good times!