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How to create a workflow that sends an email when a schedule has been disabled

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Most of our workflows use our windows credentials in order to run the scheduled workflows. As I'm sure you can imagine this leads to times when a user's credentials expire or are locked out of their account causing the workflow schedule to become disabled because of invalid credentials if it is run during the time when the credentials have expired or when the user forgets to update the credentials of the workflows when they are changed. There's no notification when a workflow schedule is disabled so I don't know how to verify when this occurs other than to check the schedules every day. 


Is there a way to achieve the following?:

1. Create a workflow to send out emails when a schedule is disabled

2. Create a workflow that sends out an email that replicates what's on the Schedules tab of the gallery

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I had the same issues with account lockouts.   I ended up setting up a simple workflow to run some nonsense query that just pulls a count(*) or something from any small table or Select sysdate from dual in Oracle.   I have it run daily and set the events to send me the email of it failing to run.  This identifies an account problem BEFORE I run my actual workflows so I can hopefully fix it in time before my other things kick off.  I do one per important connection.


I do not know how to reach into the Alteryx Mongo db and query all of that out, but I found the way I mentioned easy and simple without having to put in a lot of extra effort.

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I was able to solve it by running the Alteryx Usage History report available on the server. I have that usage report run at an interval of my choosing outputting the results to a SQL server table. 

Then another workflow runs at an interval of my choosing and looks at the most recent record for the DataSet field = Schedule value and compares that same value to the record before. If the new record = Disabled and the old record = Enabled, then an email is sent out to the schedule owner.


You may also create email notifications, as described in this article:


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