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Hide side bar/search from view on gallery


Hey all,


I have an analytic app on our gallery that a variety of users need to be able to run, but it's the only workflow they're concerned about. They don't need to search, or go to Collections/Scheduled/etc, they just need to follow a link, run the workflow, and they close out. Is there any way to hide the search bar/side bar on the gallery? (adding a tag in the url would be ideal) It's not a deal breaker, but it would make the experience less cluttered.


Thanks for any ideas!




There is not currently a function that lets you remove those features from the site. One thing that you could do is add /run at the end of the URL to make sure that the end user is brought immediately to the app interface rather than having to click Run as in the screenshot you provided.


This might be a good post for the Ideas page in the Community.