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Giving limited permissions to users of workflow

10 - Fireball

Hi all,


I have a workflow that is intended for other users than myself, users not familiar with Alteryx. The users should not be able to mess with the workflow at all, other than certain variables in certain formulas. For example, I have a formula that looks for a specific account number in the table. I want my accounting user to be able to change the string value of the formula to look for a different account number, but without being able to actually mess with the rest of the terms of the formula, or the rest of the workflow.


Is this possible and if so how? Can it even be done in a user-friendly way for someone who's not familiar with alteryx?




You want to look into Analytic Apps.

Here's a short video introducing the concept as well.


If you have access to Alteryx Server, the end users will be able to enter the parameters and run the app in their web browser. If not, they work the same on a desktop with Alteryx Designer installed. 

12 - Quasar

Workflows will need to be converted to an analytic app. There are several tutorials on how to do it,

5 - Atom

Converting workflow in Analytic App does not solve this problem. 


1. Convert your workflow in Analytic App

2. Encrypt Analytic App

Use this file now. No body can edit this at this. 

You can use Alteryx without any edit in desktop version. Gallery Version is not required.