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Gallery Licensing Errors

8 - Asteroid

As of yesterday morning (I am assuming this began over the weekend with the change of the month as everything functioned normally last week) all applications hosted within our company's private server/gallery that make use of our data subscriptions are no longer functioning.  Our server and data licenses do expire at the end of June... but not until 2022.  Has anyone experienced anything like this before and know what may have caused this?  We are running 2018.2 and our data has been updated to 2018 Q1.




8 - Asteroid

Worked this through with the Alteryx fulfillment team and got this sorted out.


For anyone who is curious, when the data licensing changed over to the new format, the data licenses that were included with local desktop designer instances were no longer automatically being applied to the server instances as well.  Our "old" license expired at the end of June and as of the beginning of this week was no longer being applied on the server, even though it was still functioning on the local designer instances, and thus everything stopped working on the gallery.  Working with the fulfillment team we got another seat added (at no cost) to our data license and applied the license key to the designer instance installed on our server.  Once that was done, everything is now operating as intended.


Thank you Alteryx for the quick turnaround!