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Find original Studio Key


In doing some testing, I added another Artisan to my private studio. Now I cannot find a way to remove them. It seems like I would need to enter their original Studio Key but I didn't save that information. Is it possible to find it so they're not using my private studio any longer?

Alteryx Certified Partner

You'll need to ask a premium Artisan or a Curator to get the key for you (or ask them to move the user)

I am the curator. How would i get their original key?

Alteryx Certified Partner



If you goto the settings (top right) and select admin.....then you will see "subscriptions" on the left hand side menu.


Navigate to the subscription you want them to be in and "add" them as an artisan. I don't know of any other way to find their original key.


In that same screen you can see the key if you want to keep a record of it.